Teacher Collective Agreement Nl

1. Short Title 2. Interpretation 3. Teacher rights 4. Unit formation 5. Request for certification of the negotiation delegate 6. Certification of the bargaining agent 7. Exclusive authority of association 8. Revocation of Certification 9. NTA becomes the 1st trading partner 10. School Committee 11. Negotiation 12. Negotiation 13.

Appointment of the Conciliator 14th Conciliation Body 15. Compensation 16. Contract term 17. Referee 18. 1996 cS-12.1 s118 19. Interim agreement must be signed 20. Implementation of the collective agreement 21. Schied 22.

Number of referees 23. Compensation of arbitrators 24th introduction and closing of the arbitration procedure 25th duration of the decision of the Arbitration Committee 26. Duration of agreements to 27. Validation of provisions 28. Provisions that are binding on school boards 29. A provision that is not binding on schulamt30. The agreement was continued to 31. Previous conditions 32. Payments 33. Mandatory effect of the collective agreement 34.

Administration 35. General powers of the labour office 36. Provisions of the Labour Relations Act 37. The crucial case to 38. Penalty 39. The continuation (a) of a party that has resulted in a collective agreement or a decision or decision of a Section 22 arbitration committee may, after a date not greater than three months before the expiry of the period set out in subsections 1, 2 or 3, adopt a new collective agreement or arbitration decision or award section 12 or 21. come into force as soon as possible after the deadline expires, but not retroactively; and the previous collective agreement also included seniority provisions. Under the previous agreement, permanent teachers were taken into account for permanent positions in front of substitute or temporary workers. (3) Within 7 days of notification of the Order of the Minister through all collective bargaining parties covered in sub-section 1, the school committee and the certified or designated negotiator each appoint a person as a member of the conciliation commission.

(3) Where a collective agreement is not in force, but a bargaining partner has been certified or designated under that law for the unit and the bargaining rights of that representative have not been denounced in accordance with Section 8, if the negotiator has been so certified, the request may be made at the end of a 12-month period from the date of certification. , but not before, except with the agreement of the Employment Agency. (16) A collective agreement under the Act provides that the contract remains in effect for at least one year and the contract may provide for it to remain in effect for more than one year. 20. If the provisional agreement is approved by the Deputy Governor of the Council, it may be implemented, on behalf of the government, by the President of the Ministry of Finance and by the Minister of Education, on behalf of the school boards, by the representatives of those committees authorized for this purpose by the boards of directors and, on behalf of the teachers, by the persons whom the competent negotiating partner may appoint for this purpose. , and executed and executed on behalf of teachers. According to Hurley, if a teacher can prove that he or she has taught a particular subject in advance, they would likely be considered competent enough to qualify for a position in this field, even if they had never received a formal university education in that field.