Usask Arts And Science Agreements

(English, Arts and Science) Phone: 966-5503 E-mail: Below you will find a list of transfer agreements in progress between the College of Arts and Science and other institutions. To see any agreement, click on the title: since Johanne joined the USFA staff in 2001, negotiations are in one of her main areas of responsibility. It is an active participant in the negotiating table and supports the negotiating committee and the negotiating group. Since the last seven agreements, Johanne has been a member of the bargaining committee and has brought more than a quarter of a century of knowledge and experience from collective agreements here and as a local union leader to the United Steelworkers union on the bargaining table. (Pharmacy – Nutrition) Phone: 966-2013 E-mail: anas Articulation Agreement An agreement between two institutions that approved studies carried out in one institute for the recognition of studies in another institution. Articulation agreements can be bilateral (each institution accepting the recognition of the other`s courts) or unilateral. The transfer can be made by course or on the dering transfer credit. (USFA Member Services Officer) Phone: 966-5610 E-mail: The Gabriel Dumont Institute has affiliation contracts with both the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina, which allows the Institute to provide accredited university programs across the province. (Computer Science, Arts and Science) Phone: 966-4487 E-mail: The College of Arts and Sciences currently welcomes nearly 3,500 transfer students, defined as students entering college after a period of study or institutions. This represents nearly 21 per cent of the university`s total student population. Transfer agreements allow students to move from one institution to another without having to redouble their equipment. Having worked with 9 different negotiating teams during his career, Eric brings considerable knowledge and experience to the negotiating table. He has set up an interdisciplinary computer science research program that studies different aspects of computer science, statistics and mobile computer processing.

He has been a member of many major academic committees, including planning and priorities, the University Review Committee and the Arts and Sciences Review Committee.