Brussels Agreement Nato

The commanders-in-chief appointed were General Jean de Lattre de Tassigny (France) as C-in-C, Land Forces, Air Chief Marshal Sir James Robb (UK) as C-in-C, Air Forces and Vice-Admiral Robert Jaujard (France) for the Navy, as Flag Officer Western Europe. [11] Volume 3 of Nigel Hamiltons Life of Montgomery of Alamein gives a good report on the differences between Montgomery and de Lattre, which caused much discomfort at headquarters. The above-mentioned provisions of this article shall in no way affect the application of relevant provisions or agreements imposing another method of peaceful settlement. The High Contracting Parties may, by mutual agreement, invite any other State to provide assistance to this Treaty on such terms as may be agreed between them and the State invited to do so. Done at Brussels, this seventeenth day of March 1948, in English and French, each of these texts being equally authentic, in an original copy deposited in the archives of the Belgian Government and of which that Government transmits certified authenticated copies to each of the other signatories. Building a modern Europe The Brussels Treaty was accepted as a historic document that led to enhanced European cooperation and a common military force. With the accession of other countries to the Alliance, Germany and Italy in 1958, the treaty gained importance within Western Europe.